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Monday, July 11, 2005

Pulling Strings

For the past several years, I've been entering game design contests almost whenever I find one, if only for the personal challenge. I really enjoy over-the-table games (as opposed to video games), both playing them and making them. Even though I rarely do very well in these design contests, back in 2003, I happened to enter a contest for designing games with simultaneous movement, and my entry, Pulling Strings, while a finalist, did not win. Fast forward to 2005, when someone came across my game in the About Board / Card Games archive and added Pulling Strings to the Board Game Geek database. From there, a sort of snowball gained momentum, and a couple of weeks later, Super Duper Games added Pulling Strings to their list of games playable via their web site. So, I'm kind of flabbergasted. Who'd-a-thunk that an obscure over-the-table game I wrote for a contest a couple of years ago would suddenly gain a small following? And who'd-a-thunk that someone would like it well enough to make their own boards to play or program it so others could play online?


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